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Small Business
Essentials for Starting your Business
    A Business of Your Own - Is It for You? Materials
Business Plans
Essentials for Creating Your Winning Business Plan -


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Developing Winning Elevator Pitches
How to Pitch your Business by Email
The Art and Techniques of Networking for Your Business
Online Marketing for Success 
How to Get Free Publicity to Grow your Brand


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Raising Money
Essentials for Raising Money for Your Business
Raising money from Angels
Raising money from Venture Capitalists

  Business Master Lists
    Directory Angel Investors

Business Solutions
Doing Business with the Government
Growing your business
Lead Generation
Time Management


Directory Venture Capitalist


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Social Media  

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The Impact of Social Media on Your Business






Trainning & Lectures


Cold Calling
cold calling Trainning and Lectures





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We work with professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs with our professional educations and coaching to help them reach their business goals we also help to connect with other business owners to build relationships.