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Connect with thousands of Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking new resources and solutions every day.

We offer an unlimited list of capabilities from our vast corporate networking with companies of all sizes and powerful resources.

Showcase your products and services with a professional display on our directory with an online destination helping independently-minded people find independently-owned businesses.


  The Directory serves two purposes  
  You can find resources to help you or be a resource for others to find.  

By being in the Business Directory, your company will be exposed to our members, Social Medias and visitors looking for your products or services. Our family of small business groups has over 7,200 members inside and outside Meetup and still growing!

A great advantage of the Business Directory is that peole can arrange to meet face-to-face at our Meetups.

The Business Directory cost $150 a year per listing.
Special, the next 20 people will pay $75 (a 50% discount which equates to $6.25 a month), while the Directory is being built (the date of your expiration will be one year after the publication of the directory).


Want online exposure for your business?

Advertise your company website in our Business Directory for additional visibility. Make if easy for our business professionals to find your company, products and services.

Listing Includes:

  • Thumbnail image linked to your website
  • Business description (up to 500 characters.)
  • Direct link to your website
  • Contact information







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Better Solutions USA Telephone: (212) 432-1284
Generating Professional Relationships - Helping New Businesses

Whether you're just starting out your business career or established in what you are doing; The Better Solutions USA Network for Professionals and business owners offers many ways to help you in your journey to success, and have the opportunity to exchange business ideas, tips, support and find new contacts.



Roger Kuperways, Ph.D. Telephone: (212) 432-1284
Founder of the "Better Solutions USA Network", i
s a professor and lecturer at New York University for more then 25 years, teaching business in the School of Professional Studies . He also teaches Philosophy. He is recognized as a leading business philosopher, coach and advisor. He is frequently a guest speaker at seminars and business events. He also appeared at the Sorbonne in Paris and Universitad de Buenos Aires. He is fluent in 5 languages. In the last twenty five years, Roger consulted, coached trained and managed small businers owners, entrepreneurs and account executives - Some of his clients include Chase, IBM, AT&T, HP, Cisco and Motorola.








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